Let’s be honest – the big question that we all have with this whole Corona virus thing is: How will it impact me?

Obviously, it is going to cause some serious suffering. Already many have died, many have lost their jobs or their businesses.

And let’s be honest, there’s more to come which can strike even in the hearts of those who believe in Jesus.

Remember those twelve disciples in a small boat on the Sea of Galilee? The storm hit in the middle of the night, they were in fear for their lives … and then Jesus came walking out on the water, scaring them even more.

But Peter cried out, “Lord if it’s you, command me to come out on the water.” Jesus answered, “It is me, come.”

And right there in the middle of the storm, Peter stepped out of the boat while the other eleven, stayed back, cowering in fear.

So in the middle of this storm – what’s your plan? Step out in faith, or hang back in fear?