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Radio Production Team

Radio Production is one of the exciting teams to be involved in. Radio production is mainly focused on audio engineering/editing, music, and Edge Radio show productions that offer +positive music with powerful messages. The entire concept of Edge Radio is to serve, connect with people, and encourage them 24/7. If you are certain you want to serve in this area fill up the form below.

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Radio Station Management

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Sound Production and Audio Engineering

If you love recording sounds, tweaking, adding layers of audio files to make it sound cool, and are familiar with software like Adobe Audition, Audacity, Avid Pro Tools, etc., you will do well as an audio engineer. This job will require you to have some kind of sound engineering experience or training. You will work alongside our radio DJ and Producer to produce the radio show or spot. Each radio DJ usually has his radio audio engineer.

Assistant Radio Producer

Assistant radio producer assists our Producer in developing radio shows. Our radio producer will decide on what each show should include in the radio programming and you will assist in the development process, like gathering data, looking for artists, writing scripts, etc. Once the show is produced, you will give the DJ what music they should play and what important things should be mentioned if any. You will assist in coordinating with any sponsors and advertisers and give the DJ scripts if there are any competitions to mention, specific sponsors’ slogans and adverts, etc.

Radio Presenter

A radio presenter is different from a radio DJ and they usually present certain segments in the radio shows such as the news, the weather, or other short inserts. To be a radio presenter, you need to have a good voice for radio and you will need to complete our training for radio presenters course for several months to learn the correct way to speak on the radio so that you are heard clearly and understood. But if you have previous experience in this area, you are invited to join the team without going through the training.

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