Monday to Friday

6:00am Morning Devotions – Local Pastors

6:30am Community Announcements – Tok Save

7:00am PNG National News – NBC

7:30am International Preachers Program – Jentezen Franklin and others

8:00am The Story – Jimmy Colefax

8:30am Community Announcements – Tok Save

9:00am A Different Perspective – Berni Dymet

Midday PNG National News – NBC

12:15pm Community Announcements – Tok Save

2:00pm Foundations – Mandy & Robbo

4:00pm Adventures in Odyssey

4:30pm The Story – Jimmy Colefax

6:00pm Krai Bilong Ol Meri (Mon, Wed, Fri)

6:00pm Unshackled (Tue, Thu)

6:30pm Community Announcements – Tok Save

7:00pm Ol Weekdays Stories – Local Regional Stories

7:30pm Evening Devotions – Local Pastors

8:00pm National News – NBC

8:15pm Yumi Pray (Mon)

8:15pm Law and Order Toktok (Tue, Thu)

8:15pm Listeners Choice (Wed, Fri)

9:00pm International Preachers Programme – Jentezen Franklin and others

10:00pm A Different Perspective – Berni Dymet

4:00am Insight for Living – Chuck Swindoll


6:00am Morning Devotions – Local Pastors

8:00am 66/40 – Chuck Missler

8:00pm Request Hour – Call in with your favourite music requests


6:00am Morning Devotions – Local Pastors

7:00am Focus on the Family – Encouragement and practical help for all Papua New Guinea families.

8:00am 66/40 – Chuck Missler

10:00am Pakenham Baptist Church

Midday Homecoming Radio – Bill and Gloria Gaither and friends

4:00pm Lamplighter Theatre

5:00pm 66/40 – Chuck Missler