Journalism & Blog Content Team

Journalism & Blog Content Development Team

If you have an affinity for one of the following…

  • writing online blogs, stories, news
  • love sharing your opinions
  • writing facts and sharing them with others is your passion
  • love enticing readers to take action
  • excel at taking tech geek-speak and writing it in layman’s terms for everyone else
  • write and tackle white papers, reports, articles, press releases, pamphlets, business proposals, prepared speeches, and more…

then Content Development Team is a compelling team for you, and much more if you love deadlines, love applying the best practices for web copy, skillfully use keywords and write to specific word counts and you always feel like you’re on the top of the world when you see how many people read your work! – This team is for you!

The entire concept of the Content Team is to encourage our readers every day, and hopefully soon, to take action to make the Philippines even better than what it is right now. Fill out the form below now to join!

To know the details of each team’s options, please see the bottom of the page.

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Journalism & Blog Content Team

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Web content writer/blogger

Web content writers simply churn out content such as online blogs, social media content, and resource articles for websites, and you usually found yourself lost in writing about general stuff about life, or most importantly, you’re a crazy researcher that itches to share what you’ve discovered to the world through writing — then you’re a Web content writer.


You love enticing readers to take action, whether by encouraging them to buy something or do something. You likely write a ton of product or service descriptions of various types, sales pages, and retail website pages. In other words, you possess the gift of persuasion, and sellers of merchandise rely on your ninja writing skills to drive website traffic that converts to sales, registered users, subscriptions, and more. If you’re hiding this skill coz you’re worried that you’ll encourage people to do things opposite of goodness, then you have to join this team. Our team will help nurture your God-given skills of persuasion for His Glory.


Technical Writer

If you excel and enjoy taking tech geek-speak language and writing it in layman’s terms for everyone else? You can’t help but write how-to manuals, write reviews for software, electronics, components, computer stuff, or something outside-the-world-of-the-common-masses? Then, you’re a Technical Writer. Many don’t like this area of writing, but if love tech-related stuff, then you’re in for this team.


Editorial/News Writer

If you’re an editorial writer, you love to share your opinion with the world. You interpret or analyze something for others. If you’re a news writer, it’s all about the facts and nothing but the facts. Your personal opinion or interpretation is absent to increase credibility. You tell it like is to portray the who, what, when, where, and why. You keep it real!

Business / Press Release Writer

You’re fond of seeing your readers influenced or convinced by what you’ve written. You might like writing a little advertising too. You also write and tackle white papers, reports, articles, press releases, pamphlets, business proposals, prepared speeches, sales pitches, and more.

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