‘…they…searched the Scriptures daily…’ Acts 17:11 NKJV

The Devil doesn’t mind you talking about God’s Word as long as you don’t take the time to read and study it. How long have you been talking about reading your Bible? When are you going to get around to doing it—and applying its principles in your everyday life? Dr. Howard Hendricks writes: ‘Anybody can come up with a grandiose scheme for change. One person says he wants to reach the world for Christ. Somebody else wants to study every book in the Bible over the next five years. Somebody else plans to memorise 100 verses. Somebody else is going to become a Christ-like spouse. Wonderful! When are you going to begin? Until you start, all you have is good intentions. Those are worthless. After all, what good does it do to dream of reaching the world with the Gospel if you can’t share Christ with the person in the house next door? How are you going to study the entire Bible when you don’t even know what verse you’re going to study tomorrow? How can you memorise 100 verses when you’ve never even tried to memorise one? Rather than dream about a Christ-like marriage, why not start with something simple such as doing the dishes if you’re a husband, or encouraging your husband if you’re a wife? Too much “action” stays at the level of “good intentions” because we talk about the end of the journey without committing to taking the first step. As someone has well said, “We don’t plan to fail, we fail to plan.”‘

SoulFood: Isa 42–44, Matt 12:22–37, Ps 108, Pro 3:31–32

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