‘I will give them an undivided heart…’ Ezekiel 11:19 NIV

Successful people allow their God-given passion and talent to guide them in life. They have a single focus and an undivided heart. God doesn’t create you to be talented in an area, then ask you to give yourself to some unrelated area. There’s always a potential alignment of talent and passion, if you have the courage to pursue your life’s purpose and take risks. Po Bronson, author of What Should I Do With My Life? writes, ‘I’m convinced that business success in the future starts with the question, “What should I do with my life?” Yes, that’s right… people don’t succeed by migrating to a “hot” industry or by adopting a particular career-guiding [motto]. They thrive by focusing on the question of who they really are and connecting to work they truly love (and, in so doing, unleashing a productive and creative power they never imagined).’ Carly Fiorina said, ‘Love what you do, or don’t do it… Make the choice to do something because it engages your heart as well as your mind. Make the choice because it engages all of you.’

Don’t unwittingly become a slave to someone else’s dream because once you own a dream that dream can also own you. Being a slave to someone else’s dream could quickly become a nightmare. Paul writes: ‘…But they are only comparing themselves with each other… How ignorant… We will boast only about what has happened within the boundaries of the work God has given us…’ (2 Corinthians 10:12–13 NLT) If you are confused, out of focus or going in circles, pray, ‘Lord, give me a clear vision and an undivided heart.’ That’s a prayer God will answer.

SoulFood: Matt 6:16–18, Isa 58:1–11, Luke 4:1–13

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